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Find all the information on Australian agricultural research projects, researchers and research organisations all in the one location on growAG.

Department of Agriculture, Water and Environment (DAWE) and all fifteen of Australia’s Research and Development Corporations (RDCs) have collaborated to provide growAG. – The means for Australian extension professionals, farmers, researchers and businesses to see all of the levy funded research from all of the Research and Development Corporations (RDCs) in one location.

AgriFutures Australia manages growAG. on behalf of all of the RDCs and the information on the site is free, in addition, any organisation involved in Australian agrifood innovation can upload a research project, commercial opportunity and information on their organisation for free.

Find Expertise

Through Expert Connect on growAG. you can find people who have key expertise in subject areas.

Expert Connect on the site is designed to boost industry-researcher collaboration, by enabling you to find the research expertise your are looking for by field of knowledge or by name of an expert.  An expert can also claim and update their profile that is in Expert Connect.

Connect to research expertise

How to Search on growAG.

The search function on the site has some smart functionality to help you search effectively.

You can search growAG. by keyword and also by filters and if you double quote a phrase in a search, e.g. “perennial pastures”, it will only provide results that contain that exact phrase.

By using AND, OR and NOT in capital letters, you can refine your searches.  For example: ‘sheep AND woolgrowers’ will only return results that contain both terms.  ‘sheep OR woolgrowers’ will return results that contain either word. ‘woolgrowers NOT sheep’ will return results that contain ‘woolgrowers’ but not ‘sheep’.

You can also use parentheses to create increasingly fine-tuned searches, for example:  ‘woolgrowers AND (development OR marketing)’ will only return results that contain ‘woolgrowers’ and at least one of ‘development’ and ‘marketing’.

Share Your Events or Ideas

Through growAG. you can share your own events and ideas by making contact with them, click here to be taken to their contact page.

You can share an idea or an event by making contact through the site

Be Kept Up to Date

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