Conference Opportunities for Extension Professionals

Published – 31 January 2018 By Gavin Beever

Conferences are an excellent professional development and networking opportunity. They represent a key opportunity to focus on the discipline of extension and learn and network with peers in areas of common interest or concern. Extension professionals can also use them as an opportunity to share and promote their own work with others.

In Australia the Australasia-Pacific Extension Network is dedicated to supporting networking, professional development and representation for extension professionals. The have a national conference every two years and an international conference every four.  Click here for further information on their past and future events.

The European Seminar on Extension and Education (ESEE) is held every two years.  The Journal of Agricultural Education and Extension, Competence for Rural Innovation and Transformation supports the Conferences with a Scientific Committee, supported by a Local Organising Committee.

The Association for International Agriculture and Extension Education has the official referred publication, the Journal of International Agriculture and Extension Education (JIAEE).  They have an annual conference.  The Association aims to strengthen agricultural and extension education programs and institutions worldwide.

The International Society of Extension Education was established in 1993 and has the objective of working towards the development of extension education.  They publish the International Journal of Extension Education.

The International Journal of Agricultural Extension aims to contribute to building the theory of agricultural extension, focussing on rural development through practises of agricultural extension. At present, they do not have any conferences planned.

If you know of any other conference of seminar opportunities for Extension Professionals please message this post.